Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Shut Up And Breathe!

Would You Like To Learn A Natural Way
To Clear Your Head, Settle Your Stomach,
Calm Would Your Nerves, And Open Your Heart?
Do you want an easy and drug-free way to relax and
energize yourself in spirit, mind, and body?
Then Shut Up And Breathe!
Breathwork is one of the simplest and most powerful methods for personal growth, self-healing, and spiritual development on the planet today!
Shut Up And Breathe! is a new, bright and comprehensive overview of both Basic and Advanced Breathwork—a practical guide to Spiritual Breathing. “Entertaining and Educational…”  “Mind Blowing!” “Enlightening!” “You will be inspired!”
Dan BrulĂ© is “Pioneering, Irreverent, Innovative, Unorthodox.” His unique and insightful approach to breath and breathing is ingenuous. “Life changing!”
In this book, Dan teaches you a series of Breathing Exercises and Techniques proven to quickly and effectively reduce:
  • Physical, Emotional, and Psychological Stress
  • Everyday Aches and Pains
  • Chronic Fatigue and Low Energy
  • High Blood Pressure, Asthma, Allergies
  • Disturbing Thoughts and Obsessive Thinking
  • Anger, Fear, Anxiety, and Other Negative Feelings 
Read this Book. Practice the Breathing Exercises,
Techniques and Meditations in it. And begin to
Master the Art and Science of Breathwork!
Here’s just some of what you’ll find in Shut Up And Breathe!
  • Is there a Proper way to Breathe?
  • Is there a wrong way to Breathe?
  • What are the Benefits of proper breathing?
  • The Three Convergences in Breathwork
  • The Two Fundamental Aspects of Breathwork
  • Breathing lessons from medicine and the military
  • The connection to yoga and India
  • Three basic elements in every style or school of breathwork
  • A practical formula for breathing practice and for self-mastery
  • How to know which teacher or technique is best for you
  • The link between conscious breathing, health, and longevity
  • Three basic breathwork exercises that everyone should learn
  • Using breathwork to change your psychological, emotional, or physiological state
  • Using the breath to connect to the earth, nature, and to higher dimensions
  • The practice of Spiritual Breathing
  • Using Breathwork to return to and remain in the most resourceful states
  • How Breathwork influences the quality of your relationships
  • How Breathwork relates to money and your career
  • How to use Breathwork for Self-Realization…
  • A simple tantric breathwork practice
  • The anti-anxiety breath
  • Unconscious breath-holding
  • The Rebirthing Technique
  • The three key skills of applied breathwork practice
  • Limits, traps, and contra-indications in breathwork
  • The Healing Effects of Combining a Yawn and a Sigh
  • Breath Sounds and Advanced Yawning
  • Bringing Relaxation into the Breathing
  • Learning the Skill of Letting Go of Pain
  • Making Use of a Breathing Partner 

See more at:http://www.breathmastery.com/shutupandbreathe/

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